Taxonomic History

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Camponotus acutisquamis Mayr, 1902 PDF: 296 (s.w.) CAMEROUN. Afrotropic. AntCat AntWiki HOL

Taxonomic history

Forel, 1913f PDF: 670 (q.); Forel, 1916 PDF: 444 (m.).Combination in Camponotus (Orthonotomyrmex): Forel, 1913i PDF: 357; Wheeler, 1922: 970.Combination in Camponotus (Myrmopiromis): Emery, 1925d PDF: 129.Combination in Camponotus (Myrmopelta): Santschi, 1921f PDF: 311; Santschi, 1926a PDF: 20.Subspecies of Camponotus chrysurus: Forel, 1910c PDF: 269; Forel, 1911h PDF: 281; Forel, 1913i PDF: 357.Raised to species: Emery, 1920b PDF: 257; Wheeler, 1922: 970.Subspecies of Camponotus chrysurus: Santschi, 1925h PDF: 167; Emery, 1925d PDF: 129; Santschi, 1926a PDF: 20.
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