Comatricha subcaespitosa

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Comatricha subcaespitosa Peck, Ann. Rep. N. Y. State
Mus. 43:71. 1890.
Slemonitis subcaespitosa Massee, Monog. 80. 1892.
Comatricha Persoonii y subcaespitosa Torrend, Broteria 7: 77. 1908.
Comatricha nigra var. subcaespitosa G. Lister in Lister, Mycet. ed. 3. 142. 1925.
Sporangia scattered, caespitose or clustered, stipitate, cylindric, obtuse, their total height 1.5-2.5 mm.; stalk black, rather short, one-fifth to one-fourth the total height; hypothallus inconspicuous; columella straight, reaching nearly to the apex; capillitium regular, the main branches horizontal, the secondary branches flexuous, violaceous-brown, the network moderately dense; spores dark purplish-brown in mass, dusky under the lens, minutely punctate, 7-11 ft in diameter.
Type locality : Sandlake, N. Y. Habitat: Dead wood.
Distribution: Nova Scotia to Ontario and Kansas, south to North Carolina, and in California; Europe.
bibliographic citation
George Willard Martin, Harold William Rickett. 1949. FUNGI; MYXOMYCETES; CERATIOMYXALES, LICEALES, TEICHIALES, STEMONITALES, PHYSARALES. North American flora. vol 1. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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