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Creonectria tuberculariformis (Rehm) Seaver,
Mycologia 1 : 193. 1909.
Hypocrea luberculariformis Rehm, Ber. Nat. Ver. Augsburg 26 : 106. 1881. Nectria tuberculariformis Wint. in Rab. Krypt. Fl. V: 118. 1884. Hypocreopsis tuberculariformis Sacc. Syll. Fung. 9 : 981. 1891.
Stromata tubercular, rounded or more often elongate, nearly smooth, or, in dried specimens, often longitudinally striate, pinkish or rose-colored, becoming dull-red with age ; perithecia superficial, solitary or more or less crowded, small, averaging about 200 m in diameter, smooth or nearly so, globose, with a rather prominent papilliform ostiolum, becoming slightly collapsed from above when dry; asci clavate, 40-50X6-7//, 8-spored ; spores 1-2-seriate, mostly 2-seriate above and 1-seriate below, usually a little broader above,
fusoid, 1-septate and a little constricted at the septum, with small oil-drops in each cell, 8-11 X 3-4 /i.
On dead stems of Urtica sp., more rarely on old branches and dung.
Type locality : Germany.
Distribution: North Dakota; also in Kurope.
bibliographic citation
Fred Jay Seaver, Helen Letitia Palliser, David Griffiths. 1910. HYPOCREALES, FIMETARIALES. North American flora. vol 3(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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