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Phyllosticta fraxinicola (Currey) Ellis & Ev
N. Am. Phyllost. 2. 1900.
Sphaeria fraxinicola Currey, Trans. I/inn. Soc. 22: 333. 1859. Phyllosticta Fraxini Ellis & Martin, Am. Nat. 18: 189. 1884.
Phyllosticta variegata Ellis & Ev. Jour. Myc. 5: 145. 1889.
Spots circular or subcircular, yellowish or pale-brown, often surrounded by a very narrow dark-brown border, reaching a diameter of about 1 cm. or several coalescing forming a compound spot or irregular blotch several cm. in diameter; pycnidia rather numerous and quite evenly distributed over the spot, occurring on the upper surface and scarcely visible on the under surface of the leaf, reaching a diameter of 150-200^; spores narrow ellipsoid, 2-3 X 5—7 fj..
On Oueaceae:
Fraxinus americana L., New York, Pennsylvania; Ontario.
Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh. {Fraxinus viridis Michx.), Kansas.
Fraxinus sp., Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania. Type locality : Europe, host not named.
Distribution: Ontario to Mississippi, Michigan, and Kansas; also in Europe.
bibliographic citation
Fred Jay Seaver. 1922. PHYLLOSTICTALES; PHYLLOSTICTACEAE (pars). North American flora. vol 6(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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