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Periclimenes digitalis Kemp, 1922

Periclimenes (Ancylocaris) digitalis Kemp, 1922:224, fig. 65, pl. 8: fig. 12 [type locality: off “Viper Island,” Port Blair, Andaman Islands; 5–9 meters].

Periclimenes digitalis.—Bruce, 1982e:240, figs. 4, 5.

DIAGNOSIS.—Integument smooth, not pitted, on lateral areas of carapace and abdomen; rostrum typically slightly overreaching antennal scale, sometimes shorter, palaemonoid, dorsally horizontal, rostral formula 2 + 6–9/1–2, posteriormost tooth slightly isolated from remainder of dorsal rostral series, situated posterior to level of hepatic spine; carapace with or without tubercular vestige of supraorbital spine, hepatic spine not noticeably larger than antennal spine, arising posteroventral to latter, not extending beyond anterior margin of carapace, orbital angle not ovate; abdomen without compressed dorsal prominence on 3rd somite, 6th somite about 1 times as long as 5th; telson with 2 pairs of dorsolateral spines anterior to posterior margin, anterior pair arising in anterior of length; eye with cornea hemispherical, not ogival; antennular peduncle with 1 distolateral spine on basal segment; antennal scale fully 3 times as long as wide, lateral margin straight or faintly concave, distolateral tooth overreaching distal margin of blade; 4th thoracic sternite without slender median process; 1st pereopod overreaching antennal scale by length of chela and fully of carpus, fingers not pectinate on opposable margins; 2nd pereopod with fingers – as long as palm, carpus slightly longer than palm, nearly 9 times as long as distal width, without distal spines, merus with small, acute distal tooth on flexor margin; 3rd pereopod with dactyl long and slender, not subdistally truncate, without denticulate lobe on flexor margin, simple, not biunguiculate, flexor margin regularly concave, propodus without spinules on flexor margin, not segmented; 5th pereopod overreaching antennal scale by length of dactyl and more than of propodus; maximum postorbital carapace length fully 4 mm.

RANGE.—Zanzibar ? (Bruce, 1982e:243); Andaman Islands, Hong Kong?, and Flores Sea, Indonesia.
bibliographic citation
Chace, Fenner Albert, Jr. and Bruce, A. J. 1993. "The caridean shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda) of the Albatross Philippine Expedition 1907-1910, Part 6: Superfamily Palaemonoidea." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-152. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.543