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Mexican Angel Shark

Squatina mexicana Castro-Aguirre, Espinosa Pérez & Huidobro Campos 2007

Diagnostic Description

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This species has no thorns or enlarged denticles on the mean dorsal line. The dermal skin denticles has 3 keels extended posteriorly, its base about 4 times its length. The dorsal fins are similar in size, shape and area, their base about 1.75 times their height. Nasal lobes are simple, the anterior thin and longer; the medium lobe quadrangular and almost lacking lobes Body color gray, no ocelli, but with 2 very evident black spots on the anterior edge of pectoral fins; the rest of body is black with small scattered dark spots located irregularly. Both sides of the upper jaw has 10 triangular, erect, and non edge-serrated teeth, arranged in 2 functional series; lower jaw with 9-10 smooth triangular teeth; 5 frontal teeth are straight, the rest are slightly oblique and arranged in 2 functional series (Ref. 74686).
Estelita Emily Capuli
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