provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

Laonice cirrata (Sars, 1851)
Plate III, figs. 13-15

Aonides cirrata Fauvel, 1914, pp. 220-222, pl. 20, figs. 4.-9. Review.

Laonice cirrata Fauvel, 1936, p. 29. Alexander Island.

Monro, 1939, p. 125. Lars and Ingrid Christensen coasts, Mac. Robertson Land, and Adélie Coast, in 219-1206 m.

Diagnosis: Size of antarctic specimens not stated; others from western Europe large, attain length of 90-120 mm. Body colorless, with brown intestine. Prostomium (fig. 13) rounded in front, with an occip­ital antenna; 2 pairs of eyes in front of nuchal area. Branchiae present from second setiger and continued posteriorly to setiger 34-40; well separated from noto­podial postsetal lobe. Interramal pouches (fig. 14) first present at setiger 31 or already at setiger 10; continued through numerous segments. Hooded uncini first present from setigers 35-40, distally bidentate (fig. 15), the main fang at an acute angle to the shaft, and hood distally rounded.

Distribution: North and South Atlantic and Pacific oceans; antarctic and indopacific regions; cosmopoli­tan; in shallow to abyssal depths.”

(Hartman, 1966)