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Xyris elata Chapm. Fl. S. U. S. 501. 1860
Tufted; leaves linear, 20-40 (-60) cm. long, 2-5 mm. broad, somewhat obtuse at the apex, smooth; sheath occupying about one third the length of the leaf, straw-colored or violaceous, opaque, somewhat dilated at the base; peduncles 40-80 (-100) cm. tall, 1.5-2 mm. broad, nearly terete, bicostate above, smooth, the peduncular sheath 15-25 cm. long, tawny or rusty and somewhat shining below; spike many-flowered, ellipsoid or oblong-ovoid, 12-20 (-23) mm. long, 6-8 mm. thick, somewhat acute at the apex, the outer barren bracts ovate-elliptic, 2-3 mm. long, nearly rounded at the apex, the flowering bracts obovate or elliptic, 6-7 mm. long, about 4 mm. broad, rather entire, tawny or rusty, somewhat shining, with a grayish-green elliptic or nearly orbicular dorsal area about 2 mm. long; lateral sepals narrowly lanceolate or spatulate-linear, 4.5-6 mm. long, about 0.7 mm. broad, obtuse at the apex or nearly so; keel narrow and entire below, somewhat broader and lacerate-dentate above; seeds ellipsoid, about 0.4 mm. long.
Type locality: Sandy swamps near the coast, western Florida.
Distribution: Virginia to Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.
bibliographic citation
Albert Charles Smith, Harold Norman Moldenke, Edward Johnston Alexander. 1937. XYRIDALES. North American flora. vol 19(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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