provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

“Genus Malmgreniella, new genus

Type Malmgreniella dicirra, new species

The body is long, linear, depressed; segments are variable, ranging from 41 to 56. Elytra number 15 pairs, are inserted as in Harmothoe to segment 32, and this region is followed by a posterior one with dorsal cirri instead of elytra. Palpi and dorsal cirri are smooth. Dorsal cirri are of two kinds; their appendages are either long and cirriform or short and proximally expanded. The prostomium is lepidonotoid, with the paired antennae inserted terminally but not continuous with the pro­stomium. The pelagic Drieschia Michaelsen also has alternating long slender and short thick dorsal cirri but in this genus the cirrophore, not the appendage, is inflated.”

(Hartman, 1967)