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Horama pretus (Cramer)

Sphinx pretus Cramer, 1777, vol. 2: 121, 150 [index], pl. 175: figs, E., F.

Horama pretus.—Geyer in Hübner [1828], 3: pl. [35]: figs. 1–4.—Dewitz, 1877:94.—Stahl, 1882:191.—Möschler, 1890: 113.—Saalmüller in Möschler 1890:349—Gundlach, 1891: 153.—Kirby, 1892:130—Hampson, 1898:422, fig. 222.—Kirby, 1908:120, pl. 473: figs. 1–4.—Zerny, 1912:122—Draudt in Seitz, 1916:144, pl. 21: row i.—Wolcott, 1923[1924]:157—Forbes, 1930:25, pl. II: fig. 1.—Zerny, 1931:19—Wolcott, 1936:413; 1941:125.—Martorell, 1945[1948]:177, 499.—Wolcott, 1948[1951]:575.

Euchromia (Horamia) pretus.—Walker, 1854:252.—Clemens, 1860:546.—Clemens [in part] in Morris, 1862:276.

Zygaena eunolphus Fabricius, 1782:505 [appendix]. [Type-locality: not stated. Type: lost.]

Mastigocera vespina Harris, 1839:315.—Clemens in Morris, 1862:278. [Type-locality: St. Thomas, West Indies. Type: lost.]
bibliographic citation
Dietz, Robert E. and Duckworth, W. Donald. 1976. "A review of the genus Horama Hübner and reestablishment of the genus Poliopastea Hampson (Lepidoptera: Ctenuchidae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-53. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.215