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Cascabela thevetioides (Kunth) H. Lippold

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Thevetia thevetioides (H. B. K.) K. Schumann,
in E. & P. Nat. Pfl. 4^: 159. 1895.
Cerhera thevetioides H. B. K. Nov. Gen. & Sp. 3: 223. 1819.
Thevetia Yccotli A. DC. in DC. Prodr. 8: 343. 1844.
Thevetia Yccotli var. glabra A. DC. in DC. Prodr. 8: 343. 1844.
Shrub or small tree, occasionally attaining a height of 10m.; leaves membranaceous, linearoblanceolate, 6-10 cm. long, 4-12 mm. broad, acutely acuminate, attenuate at the base, glabrous or essentially so above, minutely puberulent or rarely glabrate beneath, the secondary veins conspicuous on both sides, the petioles 3-5 mm. long; inflorescence bearing relatively few showy, orange or pinkish-yellow flowers; calyx-lobes ovate-lanceolate, acute, 6-8 mm. long, puberulent-papillate ' to glabrate, spreading or only slightly reflexed; corolla infundibuliform, glabrous externally, the tube proper 20-25 mm. long, about 2 mm. in diameter at the base, slightly narrowed toward the insertion of the stamens, the throat very shallowly conic-campanulate, 10-15 mm. long, 10-13 mm. in diameter at the orifice, the lobes obovate-dolabriform, 50-55 mm. long, spreading; drupes 6-6.5 cm. broad.
Type locality: Near Tasco [Guerrero]. Distribution: Sinaloa, Morelos, Guerrero, and Oaxaca.
bibliographic citation
Robert Everard Woodson, Jr. 1938. (ASCLEPIADALES); APOCYNACEAE. North American flora. vol 29(2). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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