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Largefruit Blacksnakeroot

Sanicula trifoliata Bicknell

Comprehensive Description

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Sanicula trifoliata Bickn. Bull. Torrey Club 22: 359. 1895
Plants erect, 2.9-9.8 dm. high, biennial from fascicled, slender, fibrous roots, glabrous, the stem usually solitary, occasionally alternately branched, 2-3-furcate above; leaves broadly triangular to suborbicular in general outline, excluding the petioles 3.5-13 cm. long, 4.5-19 cm. broad, palmately 3-foliate, the primary divisions ovate to obovate, acute, petiolulate, the lateral frequently deeply lobed, coarsely doubly spinulose-serrate to incised; petioles 13-18 cm. long; cauline leaves becoming short-petiolate above; involucre of a few foliaceous bracts, smaller than the leaves; involucel of inconspicuous, ovate-acuminate, subscarious bractlets; fertile rays 10-55 mm. long, the umbels regular, few-flowered; sterile and fertile flowers in the same umbellet, the sterile on pedicels 1 mm. long; fertile pedicels obsolete; flowers white; calyx cleft to below the middle, the lobes lanceolate, acuminate-cuspidate with slightly incurved points, exceeding the flowers to form a conspicuous beaklike projection in the mature fruit; anthers included; styles short, included; fruits usually 3 in each umbellet, ovoid to ovoid-oblong, 6-8 mm. long, 3-5 mm. broad, sessile or subsessile, the bristles short and reflexed below, longer and ascending above, not crowded and about equaling the calyx; oil-tubes small, numerous; 2 large latero-commissural tubes occasionally present ; seed reniform in cross section, the commissural face concave, the scar large, oval.
Type locality: Dry, rich woods, Amherstburg, Ontario, Macoun.
Distribution: Vermont to Ontario and Ohio, south to Virginia and Tennessee (Fernald 10,085, Pollard &• Maxon 14).
bibliographic citation
Albert Charles Smith, Mildred Esther Mathias, Lincoln Constance, Harold William Rickett. 1944-1945. UMBELLALES and CORNALES. North American flora. vol 28B. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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