Aeshna maita

Comprehensive Description

provided by Memoirs of the American Entomological Society
Aeshna (Rhionaeschna) maita Tables 7, 10, 13, 16; PI. XXV, figs. 323-327;
62 :221. 1 1911. Rhionaeschna maita Martin, Gen. Ins. fasc. 115 :13. 2 1913. Rhionaeschna maita Ris, Mem. Soc. Ent. Belg. 22 : 83. 3
No material seen
Distribution. — Known only from the type locality, Arequipa, Peru x
Habitat. — Arequipa, Peru, 2300 m. elevation, 14 April, 1907, K. Seyd collector, 1 2 cotypes in Wiesbaden.
Mr. John Cowley wrote on 23 Oct., 1936, " In the original description Foerster stated ' Beschrieben nach 2 S . . . Die eine der Typen befindet sich in Museum zu Wiesbaden, die andere wurde in zuvorkommender Weise meiner Sammlung iiberlassen '. Mrs. Gloyd was unable to find the cotype in the Foerster Collection at Ann Arbor ; an inquiry addressed to Herr Custos Chr. Fetzer, Mus. Wiesbaden, determined that the second cotype was in that Museum and a loan of the type was made to Dr. Erich Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt supplied me with the following notes." These notes dated 23 June and 28 Aug., 1935, are incorporated in the following description.
S. (From the description by Foerster, notes and drawings by Dr. Erich Schmidt and a photograph of an entire insect by Custos Chr. Fetzer furnished by Mr. John Cowley.)
Face pale reddish brown ; frons blue above, sulcus in front of the median ocellus with a black circular spot surrounded by pale blue, frons without an anterior carina, rhinarium pale. Width of eyes y 2 times width of frons.
bibliographic citation
Calvert, P.P. 1956. The Neotropical Species of the Subgenus Aeschna Sensu Selysii 1883 (Odonata). Memoirs of the American Entomological Society vol. 15. Philadelphia, USA