provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

Pareledone, new genus.

The suckers are uniserial and the eggs are large. The hectocotylus is normal with well-developed ligula and calamus. Found in the Southern hemisphere only.

Type of the genus.—Pareledone charcoti (Joubin).

In 1918 Joubin separated the Mediterranean and N.E. Atlantic E. moschata and cirrosa from E. verrucosa, challengeri, media, charcoti and turqueti, the five last-named forms being placed in a genus Graneledone. As will be seen (p. 52), charcoti and turqueti differ very markedly from the three others placed. in the same genus, and I have no option, but to separate them and place them together with certain other forms in a new genus, Graneledone being retained for verrucosa and challengeri.”

(Robson, 1932: 270)