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Sphacelotheca andropogonis-hirtifolii (P. Henn.) Clinton,
Jour. Myc. 8 : 141. 1902.
UsHlago Andropogonis-hirlifolii P. Henn. Bot. Gaz. 28 : 274. 1899.
UsHlago Andropogonis-saccharoidisV. Henn.; Sydow, Vst.251; hyponym. 1901. (Type from Mexico, on Andropogon saccharoides.)
Sori involving the entire inflorescence, elongate, usually 5-9 cm. in length (rarely in the individual spikelets and then shorter), at first enveloped by the leaf-sheath, with prominent false membrane that gradually flakes away disclosing the at first agglutinated but finally dusty olive-black spore-mass, with prominent often forked columella ; sterile cells hyaline, with those of membrane adhering together rather firmly and those of interior in groups, chiefly subspherical , smaller to larger than the spores; spores reddish-brown, ovoid to chiefly subspherical or spherical, sometimes angled, often apparently smooth but really very minutely verruculose, 9-13 ^ in length.
On Poaceae :
Andropogon hirtifolius puhiflorus^ Mexico.
Andropogon saccharoides^ Arizona ; Mexico. Type locality: Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico, on Andropogon hirtif alius pubiflorus. Distribution : Arizona and Mexico.
bibliographic citation
George Perkins Clinton. 1906. USTILAGINALES; USTILAGINACEAE, TILLETIACEAE. North American flora. vol 7(1). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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