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Fissidens steerei Grout 1943

Comprehensive Description

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Fissidens steerei Grout, sp. nov.*
Stems slender, delicate, up to 2-3 mm. high; leaves up to 12 pairs, mostly 8 or fewer, distant, not overlapping except at the apex of the stem, up to 0.8 X 0.3 mm., shortly oblonglanceolate to oblong-ovate, obtuse to broadly acute, crenulate by projecting cells, the costa ending well below the apex ; vagmant laminae up to two-thirds the length of the leaf ; dorsal lamina wide, roimded to the stem at base; leaf-cells in apical lamina up to 10 fx, irregularly hexagonal, each with a single large blimt papilla on each face, the basal cells a little larger; sex organs and sporophyte not seen.
Type : Yucatan, Steere 1539 (at Duke University ; isotype at University of Michigan) . Distribution: Yucatan, Mexico, Guatemala {Steyermark 32913).
bibliographic citation
Robert Statham Williams. 1943. (BRYALES); DICRANACEAE, LEUCOBRYACEAE. North American flora. vol 15(3). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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