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Stemonitis splendens Rost. Monog. 195. 1874
Stemonitis Morgani Peck, Bot. Gaz. 5: 33. 1880.
Stemonitis Bauerlinii f.feneslrata Rex, Proc. Acad. Phila. 1890: 37. 1890.
Stemonitis maxima Sensu Massee, Monog. 74. 1892. Not 5. maxima Schw. 1832.
Stemonitis acuminata Massee, Monog. 78. 1892.
Stemonitis Bauerlinii Massee, Monog. 79. 1892.
Stemonitis fenestrata Macbr. N. Am. Slime-Moulds 119. 1899.
Sporangia long-cylindric, flexuous, purplish-brown, closely fasciculate or less commonly gregarious, 7-25 mm. tall, forming large and conspicuous fruitings; stalk black, polished, 1-4 mm. tall, arising from a membranous, silvery or purple hypothallus; columella reaching nearly to the apex, often coiled and tortuous toward the tip; capillitium purple-brown, open, arising from few branches, the surface net regular, the meshes large, mostly 20-50 p. in diameter; spores purplish in mass, lilaceous-brown by transmitted light, faintly and closely warted, 7-9 p in diameter ; Plasmodium white or pale yellow.
Type locality : Europe.
Habitat: Dead wood, usually large fallen logs.
Distribution: Throughout North America; cosmopolitan.
bibliographic citation
George Willard Martin, Harold William Rickett. 1949. FUNGI; MYXOMYCETES; CERATIOMYXALES, LICEALES, TEICHIALES, STEMONITALES, PHYSARALES. North American flora. vol 1. New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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