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Male. Forewing length 6.5–7.0 mm; body length 5.0–5.5 mm. General body color brown. Anterior portion of male abdominal tergal cleft is narrowly U-shaped, and rounded along the anterior terminus. The posterior portion is widest anteriorly with crenulations present along inner margins. Overall shape of cleft ranges from either V-shaped to somewhat sinuous (Figs 8A–B, I). Epiproct base very broad and subquadrate in shape, narrowing to anteriorly-recurved and broadly tapering terminal spine, no accessory spine present (Figs 8C–E). Subquadrate base varies in from rounded broadly to right angular in shape. No accessory spine or cusp present. Cerci sclerotized mainly along outer margin and bearing a small dorsomedial hump and a subapical, triangular sclerotized tooth (Figs 8G–I). Length of vesicle ca. 1.5× width. Female. Forewing length 7.5–8.0 mm; body length 6.0–8.0 mm. General body color brown. Seventh sternum with a quadrate sclerotized region, convex posteriorly, and scarcely projecting over the anterior portion of the eighth sternum (Fig. 8I); posteromedial portion unpigmented and very slightly notched, bearing a lightly-pigmented lobe that is convex posteriorly (Figs 8F, I). Nymph. Unknown.
Scott A. Grubbs, Boris C. Kondratieff, Bill P. Stark, R. Edward DeWalt
bibliographic citation
Grubbs S, Kondratieff B, Stark B, DeWalt R (2013) A review of the Nearctic genus Zealeuctra Ricker (Plecoptera, Leuctridae), with the description of a new species from the Cumberland Plateau region of eastern North America ZooKeys 344: 17–47
Scott A. Grubbs
Boris C. Kondratieff
Bill P. Stark
R. Edward DeWalt
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