Abisara caerulea liberiana

Comprehensive Description

provided by Memoirs of the American Entomological Society
Abisara caerulea liberiana new subspecies (Figs. 230, 231)
Abisara tantalus form caerulea: Condamin in Stempffer, 1963b: 427 (Nimba Mountains).
Differs from nominate caerulea (see below) on the hindwing under
Fig. 230, Abisara caerulea liberiana new subspecies, Ganta, Liberia, male holotype, upperside (x 1.0). Fig. 231, same specimen, underside. Fig. 232, Abisara gerontes gerontes Fabricius, Liberia, male upperside (x 1.0). Fig. 233, same specimen, underside.
side, where the space between the postmedian and subterminal lines posterior to M :i is nearly filled with the same pale, dull bluish that forms the lines. In addition each of the two ocelli on this surface is fully as large as the subapical ocellus of the forewing below, whereas in typical caerulea they are definitely smaller. In both these respects the series of four specimens at hand is quite uniform. Typical caerulea has not been seen, my concept of it being based on Riley's figures and description and on the redescription of Carpenter and Jackson (1950).
Holotype. — $ , Ganta, Liberia; 23-VI-1958 (R. M. Fox); C. M. Ace. 18608.
Paratypes. — -3 $ , same locality (some labelled "Ganta Mission") and collector, dated respectively 6, 8, 15-VII-1958. C. M. Ent. type series no. 502.
bibliographic citation
Fox, R.M., Lindsey, A.W., Clench, H.K., Miller, L.D. 1965. The Butterflies of Liberia. Memoirs of the American Entomological Society vol. 19. Philadelphia, USA