provided by NMNH Antarctic Invertebrates

"Genus Flabelligella, new genus
Type Flabelligella papillata, new species

The body is long and vermiform to short and maggotlike ; the anteri­or end lacks a cephalic cage; surface epithelium is lightly to thickly strewn with papillae. The prostomium is rounded in front. Notopodia have simple, distally pointed, cross-barred setae; neuropodia have com­posite falcigerous setae with distally hinged appendages. Flabelligella agrees with Brada (see above) in having no cephalic cage, and differs from it in having composite, instead of simple neurosetae. It agrees with Flabelligera in having composite neurosetae, and differs in lacking a cephalic cage and an external mucoid sheath."

(Hartman, 1965)