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Dicaeoma varium (Dietel) Arthur
Uredo varia Dietel, Hedwigia 36: 35. 1897. Puccinia varia Arth. Am. Jour. Bot. 5: 487. 1918.
O and I. Pycnia and aecia unknown.
Uredinia amphigenous, scattered, round or oblong, 0.2-1 mm. across, somewhat tardily naked, pulverulent, golden-brown, ruptured epidermis conspicuous; urediniospores obovoid or ellipsoid, 21-24 by 27-34 ju; wall golden-brown, rather thin, 1-1.5 /i, moderately and prominently echinulate, the pores 2, equatorial.
bibliographic citation
Joseph Charles Arthur, Herbert Spencer Jackson, Clayton Roberts Orton. 1921. (UREDINALES); AECIDIACEAE (continuatio); DICAEOMA ON CARDUACEAE; ALLODUS. North American flora. vol 7(6). New York Botanical Garden, New York, NY
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