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Eotetranychus malvastris (McGregor)

Tetranychus malvastris McGregor, 1950:290.

Eotetranychus malvastris.—Tuttle and Baker, 1964:20.—Tuttle and Baker, 1968:91.

Males and females were in a series on Abutilon species, Hermosillo, 18 July, Topolobampo, 24 July, and Mazatlan, 26 July; Pluchea odorata (Linnaeus) Case, Mazatlan, 26 July; and Sida species, Mazatlan, 26 July.

Eotetranychus prosopis Tuttle and Baker

Eotetranychus prosopis Tuttle and Baker, 1964:24; 1968:89.

Collections in Mexico included two additional host records: Acacia vernicosa Standley, Fresnillo, 3 August; and Hibiscus palustris Linnaeus, Ciudad Obregon, 21 July.

Eotetranychus vaughni Baker and Pritchard

Eotetranychus vaughni Baker and Pilchard, 1962:321.

Specimens were taken from Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck, Ciudad Obregon, 21 July.

The figure given by Baker and Pritchard for this species shows the aedeagal head with sharp angulations anteriorly and posteriorly. If seen from a slightly different angle, the anterior portion of the knob is rounded.
bibliographic citation
Tuttle, Donald M., Baker, Edward William, and Abbatiello, M. 1974. "Spider mites from northwestern and north central Mexico (Acarina: Tetranychidae)." Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology. 1-18. https://doi.org/10.5479/si.00810282.171